SHREC'18 track: Recognition of geometric patterns over 3D models

The aim of this SHREC'18 track is to evaluate the performance of automatic algorithms for the recognition of geometric patterns over surfaces. The goal is to identify if and where a given geometric pattern (represented as a query surface fully characterized by a single pattern) is located over the surface of a 3D model. We admit that more than one geometric pattern might be present on the surface of 3D models. The track is organized by IMATI CNR in collaboration with The Cyprus Institute. The SHREC'18 track: Recognition of geometric patterns over 3D models final report will appear, after revision, in the proceedings of the EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval (3DOR).

Dataset, ground truth and evaluation

The dataset of the 3D models comes from archeological artefacts adopted as use cases in the EU H2020 project GRAVITATE. The challenge is to recognize 5 different types of geometric patterns over a dataset of approximately 30 models.

Each query (a simple pattern) will be used to locate the geometric pattern in the remaining part of the database. For a given query, the goal of the track is to say, for each 3D model, if the pattern is present on that model and where. A 3D model can present one, two or more patterns. The relevance or non-relevance of the models for a given query, and where the pattern is located, will be established and annotated a priori with the help of expert archaeologists.

Apart from a single measure representing the probability that a pattern belongs or not to a 3D model, we also ask the participants to locate the region where the pattern is present. The performance of the algorithms will be evaluated using a recognition rate and an error measure based on the area correctly recognized. Participants can ask to limit the evaluation of their method to the recognition rate.

Registration and instructions for competitors
Each participant is requested to register to the track by sending an email to Silvia Biasotti (email: or Elia Moscoso Thompson (email: with the subject "SHREC'18 track: Recognition of geometric patterns over 3D models". Then, an answer will be sent to each participant with the instructions to download the datasets. Then, evey participant is asked to:

Further Information

Important dates - UPDATED!!!

The report on this track is ready and will be published soon!