SHREC'19 track: Feature Curve Extraction on Triangle Meshes

The aim of this SHREC'19 track is to evaluate the performance of automatic algorithms for the extraction of feature curves on triangle meshes. The goal is to identify where there are geometric lines that delineate a feature on the model. The track is organized by IMATI CNR . The SHREC'19 track: Feature Curve Extraction on Triangle Meshes final report will appear, after revision, in the proceedings of the EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval (3DOR).

Dataset, ground truth and evaluation

The dataset is created from collections od 3D models available online. The dataset contains triangulations, only. Each model has one connected component and can be with or without boundary. The challenge of the track is to highlight the vertices of the triangulation that delineate the feature/s on the model.

As an optional task, participants may look for similar feature curves across all those found on the dataset. In case of multiple features on the same model, the participants can group feature lines between those he found across all the models based on their shapes.

Registration and instructions for competitors
Each participant is requested to register to the track by sending an email to Elia Moscoso Thompson (email: with the subject SHREC'19 track: Feature Curve Extraction on Triangle Meshes. Then, an answer will be sent to each participant with the instructions to download the models so they can work on them. In more details:

Further Information

Important dates